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Grandpa’s Best Friend

I have old box of pictures from my Grandma’s house. Some of the pictures, she gave me a little bit of info with. In this set is my Grandfather Oscar Rowan Lindsay, his mother Edith Basham Lindsay and his best friend Bob Scroder.

This is what my Grandma wrote “Oscar’s best friend’s name was Bob Schroder and he was killed in World War II serving the Canadian Army..”

Bob and his mother

Bob and his mother 1942

Bob 2

Back of the photo says: Bob Schoroder in Stratford, Ontario, Canada; was killed in WWII

Bob 4

Oscar’s mother, Edith Lindsay, Oscar and Bob’s mother

Bob 5

Oscar’s mother, Edith Lindsay, Bob and Bob’s mother

Bob and GGrandma

Edith Lindsay and Bob

Oscar and Bob 2

Bob, unknown female and Oscar

Oscar and Bob

Oscar and Bob


Unknown Female

Bob 1


If anyone has any idea who these people are please let me know. I would love to get these pictures back to Bob’s family.

Happy Searching!