Journey Through My Tree: Nicholas Robb

Today is Veteran’s Day here in the U.S., so I thought that I would choose a veteran for my next Journey Through My Family Tree series.

Nicholas Andrew Robb

Birth: 23 November 1907 in Michigan

Death: 29 August 1946 in Detroit, Michigan

Relation to Me: Great-Aunt’s Husband

Parents: Nicholas Robb (1882 – 1970) &
Mary Turner (1882 – ?)

1. Helen Robb Bertrand (1910 – ?)
2. Bernard Robb (1913 – 1987)
3. Allen Robb (1915 – ?)
4. Iola Isabel “Robbie” Robb Rotto (1916 – 1996)
5. John J Robb (1918 – ?)

~1910 (age 3): Living with his Father and Mother in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.

~1920 (age 13): Living with his Father, Mother and 5 siblings in Detroit.

~1930 (age 23): Living with his Father, Mother and 5 siblings in Detroit.

~1936(age 28): Marriage to Dorothy Irene Mielke on 24th October in Detroit.

~1940 (age 32): Living with his wife Dorothy in Detroit.

~1943 (age 35): Enlisted in the United States Navy Reserves on 21st July.

~1945 (age 38) Discharged from service on 28th Nov.

~1946 (age 38): Died on 29th August. Buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Detroit.

Application for Headstone or Marker

My grandmother told me that Nicholas died after coming home from World War II due to injuries he received. Her recollection is that Nicholas fell off a ladder while on a ship and badly cut his shin. Less then a year after he came home, he died of a blood clot.

My Aunt Dorothy was only 17 when she married Nick, who was 28. Aunt Dorothy converted to Catholicism before she and Nick married and during that time lived with our Great-Great Uncle and Aunt, Walter Eugene and Margret Mielke.

To see more of the journey through my family tree go here.

Bless you ancestors!



Sentimental Sunday – A Day At The Lake

My Grandmother, Lucille Mielke Lindsay, her sisters and several of their friends used to going swimming in Lake St. Clair. This is what she told me about that time when we came across these photos:

Meg (Marion Mielke Verhonick), Dot (Dorothy Mielke Robb Stock), Nick’s sister, Bernice Matthew’s and I used to go to Dothory Stansberry’s house. She lived on the East-side (of Detroit), near the end of the bus line, on Jean Street. We would walk from her house to the 7 Sister’s Smoke Sacks off of Jeff Avenue to go swimming in Lake St. Clair. There was huge sand piles  and a small canal where we swam.

Marion and Dorothy were Lucille’s sisters, Nick’s sister would be Dorothy’s sister-in-law is Iola Isabella “Robbie” Robb and Bernice Matthew’s was the next door neighbor. I’m not sure who is who (other than my grandma) is in these photo’s.

Aunt Dorothy, Aunt Marion, ?, and Grandma Luey

Grandma Luey was the second one on the right.

All these photo’s were taken in August 1944. If you can identify in the other ladies please let me know.

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Tombstone Tuesday – Marian Jane Mielke Verhonick

Marian Jane Mielke Verhonick was born 21 December 1922 to George A. J. Mielke and Elsie Jane Yetman and died on 26 Dec 2006 in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. She is buried at Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit. Marian was married to William “Bill” Verhonick.

I have very found memories of my Auntie Marian. A few of them are: her dog Snoopy; visiting Wyandote with her; and the cookies she made every Christmas.

My Grandfather, Oscar Lindsay, Aunt Marion, and Uncle Bill

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Tombstone Tuesday – Edith M. Lindsay

Sunday, I posted about my Grandmother Edith M. Lindsay (see Sunday’s Obituary: Edith M Lindsay). So today, I would share a little more about her and a few more pictures.

Edith Margret was the youngest of 7 children born to Charles and Mary Anne Brewer Basham in Chigwell, Essex, England.  She married Oscar Lindsay in 1911 in West Ham, London. By May of 1913, they were leaving England for Canada. While in Canada, they had two children, a daughter (18 Nov 1916) and a son, Oscar Rowan (21 Nov 1917). Their daughter (I don’t know her name) died two days after birth and is buried Avondale Cemetery, Section A, Stratford, Ontario, Canada. They lived in Stratford, Ontario,  Canada until 1923 when they immigrated to Detroit, Michigan. In 2 Nov 1926, her husband Oscar passed away. In 1948, when my grandparents, Oscar and Lucille, married, she came to live with them. She lived with them until the mid 1980s when they could no longer care for her at home. She lived to be 97 years old.

She is buried at Grand Lawn Cemetery in  Detroit, Michigan.

Grandma Edith and my mom, Donna (August 1950)

Her first grandchild! She look’s so happy and proud!

Edith and husband, Oscar Lindsay (circa 1919)

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1940 Census My First Find!!

Well the census has been out for a day and if any of you tried to get on yesterday, you probably noticed it was a little (okay a lot) backed up. I gave up yesterday on the 1940 census and today without any problems and just 12 pages of searching, I found my great-grandparents, George and Elsie Mielke,  my grandmother Lucille, and 3 great-aunts, Mildred, Marion and Audrey. This will probably be the easiest of my searches on the 1940s census, because the family lived in the same house for many years. Click here to go to the Michigan Ed 84-1185.

George was 62 years old, owned his own home at 6355 Clifton Street, it was worth $4000 and he was unemployed. Elsie was 49, born in Newfoundland and was a Naturalized Citizen.

Mildred “Millie” was 22 and was the only person in the family working.  According to question 21 “If not, was he at work or associated to public emergency work (WPA, NYA, CCC, etc) during the week of March 24-30?” Millie answered yes to this question. She was working as a Research Clerk for Youth Vocational Services. In 1939, she worked 40 weeks of the year. Marion was 17, Lucille, was 16 and Audrey was 13.

This will be the last census that George and Mildred will be in. George died in 1943 and Millie died in 1941.

I’ve included photo’s of everyone I have mentioned today! I did not have a photo taken of Audrey during this time period, so I used a photo from the late 1940s.

 Happy Searching!

Mielke Twins – Eugene and Voleska

On the 4th of October 1879, John and Augusta Mielke had twins Eugene Walter and Voleska Bridgit.

The following is the birth record I found on The last name was misspelled when the birth was recorded. It was actually listed as Mialkie.

Walter and Voleska's Birth Record

In the 1880 census 7 month old Eugene and Voleska were living at home.

1880 Census Big Rapids Michigan for John and Augusta Mielke and children

As of the 1900 census both Voleska and Eugene are missing from the census records. According to the 1900 census record (you can see the image on this page) Augusta had 9 children and 5 were living, I believe that Voleska was one of the deceased children. Walter from the stories my grandmother has told me had gone to Germany and was working for the Kaiser Wilhelm II during the early part of the 1900’s.

By 1909, he is back in the United States and on 20 Oct 1909 he married Margaret Elizabeth Hunter Berry, daughter of Archibald Hunter and Jane Mary McCarney. Margaret was married previously (widow?)  to Patrick Berry (Barry?) and they had two children, Patrick James and Agnes Edwardine Berry.

Eugene and Margaret Marriage Record 20 Oct 1909

In 1910, Eugene, Margaret, Patrick and Agnes were living on South Warren Street, Big Rapids, Michigan. Eugene is a deliveryman for a department store and owns his own home (along with the bank). The record is quite blurry so I’m just going to give you the link to the record.

1917 Draft for WWI, Eugene wass working in Midland, Michigan as a Trip Driver, while Margaret was living at 109 Woodward Avenue in Big Rapids. In 1918, Patrick James’ draft card states that he is living at home with his mother at 109 Woodward, Big Rapids and was a student at Big Rapids High School

In 1920, Eugene was living in Detroit and working as a plumber, while Margaret, Patrick James (orderly) and Edwardine Agnes are living still living at 109 Woodward Avenue in Big Rapids. Patrick is also listed as a resident at The Nurses Home at Richmond Terrace in Detroit, Michigan and his occupation was listed as orderly.

1920 Census Record for Eugene
1920 census for Margaret and James and Edwardine

This is the last bit of information I have about Edwardine.

By 1930 the family was living together again, this time renting a home on 776 Lewerenz, Detroit along with Margaret’s sister Mary M. Garlock. Patrick is a veteran of the first World War and is working as an electrician for the City of Detroit. Eugene is working as a foreman at a auto plant.

1930 Census for Eugene, Margaret, and Patrick

The only information I have on them past, the 1930 census is that Walter Eugene Mielke died on 28 Jun 1953 (this comes from Aunt Marion’s letter, you can see here). According to the Social Security Death Index, Patrick James Berry died in May 1970 in Detroit.

Happy Searching!



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Tombstone Tuesday – Mildred “Millie” Mielke

Mildred Mielke (1917 – 1941)

This tombstone Tuesday is going to feature my Great-Aunt Mildred “Millie” Mielke. Millie was born the second of seven children born to George and Elsie Jane Yetman Mielke. She was born 8 Dec 1917 in Detroit, Michigan and died on 1 Mar 1941 at the age of 23. She is buried at Woodmere Cemetery, Oakview Section, Detroit, Michigan.

According to cemetery records, she died of Mitral Stenosis. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine “mitral stenosis is a heart valve disorder that involves the mitral valve. This valve separates the upper and lower chambers on the left side of the heart. Stenosis refers to a condition in which the valve does not open fully, restricting blood flow.”

Millie at the Beach Summer 1936