A Journey Through My Family Tree: Eliza Emily Basham

Birth: 1870 Chigwell, Essex, England

Death: Unknown

Relation to Me: My 2nd Great-Aunt

Parents: Charles Basham (1844 – 1916) &
Mary Anne Brewer (1852 – 1907)

1. Henry Charles Basham (1872 – 1949)
2. Mary Elizabeth Basham (1874 – ?)
3. Sarah Ellen Basham (1876 – ?)
4. Florence Basham (1880 – ?)
5. Ethel Daisy Basham (1887 – 1859)
6. Edith Margret Basham (1889 – 1987) (My Great-Grandmother)

~1870: Christened on 30 Jan in Chigwell, Essex, England.

~1871 (age 1): Living with her Father, Mother and Grandmother (Elizabeth Brewer) 14 Hainault Road, Chipping, Epping Forest District, Essex.

~1881 (age 10): Living with her Father, Mother and 4 siblings at 14 Hainault Road, Chipping, Epping Forest District, Essex.

~1890 (age 20): Birth of daughter, Catherine, on April 16 at Union Workhouse, Theydon Garnon, Epping, Essex.

~1894 (age 24): Marriage to Maurice Clarke on 8 July at West Ham, Essex.

~1896 (age 26): Birth of daughter Mabel Ellen Clarke (christened in Chigwell, Essex on June 7th)

No more information following the 1896 birth of her second daughter.

To see more of the journey through my family tree go here.

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Surnames Saturday – Basham

Basham Name Meaning

English: habitational name of uncertain origin. It may be from places in Norfolk and Suffolk called Barsham, from the genitive case of the Old English word Bar meaning ‘wild boar’ + Old English word ham meaning ‘homestead’.

Edith Margret Basham is my great-grandmother. This is her paternal line:
1.  Edith Margret Basham

b. 05 Dec 1889, Chigwell, Essex, England

d. 07 Sep 1987 West Bloomfield, Oakland, Michigan, United States

m.  Oscar Rowan Lindsay;1911 West Ham, Essex, England

*Baby Girl Lindsay b. 18 Nov 1916  Stratford, Perth Ontario, Canada

*Oscar Rowan Lindsay b. 21 Nov 1917 Stratford, Perth Ontario, Canada

2.  Charles Basham

b. 11 Mar 1844, Haverhill, Essex, England

d. UNK

m. Mary Anne Brewer; 10 Oct 1869, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Eliza Emily Basham, 1870, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Henry Charles Basham, 13 Mar 1872, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Mary Elizabeth Basham, 1874, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Sarah Ellen Basham, 1876, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Florence Basham, 1880, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Ethel Daisy Basham, Oct 1887, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Edith Margret Basham (see above)

3.  John Basham

b. 20 May 1810, Maldon, Essex, England

d. UNK

m. Susan Evans; 25 Dec 1883

*Elizabeth Basham

*Robert Basham

*Maryann Eleanor Basham, 1835, Maldon, Essex, England

*Charles Basham (see above)

4.  Thomas Basham

b.  1778

d. UNK

m. Sarah Ong, 7 Apr 1800, Maldon, Essex, England

*Thomas Basham, 1803, England

*William Basham, 1806, England

*John Basham (see above)

*Daniel Basham, 3 Oct 1813. Maldon, Essex, England

*Sarah Basham, 21 Jan 1815, England

*James Basham, 7 Jun 1818, England

*Mary Basham, 21 Apr 1821, England

*Henry Basham, 21 Apr 1821, England

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Friday’s Find – Ethel Basham Photo

Friday’s Find will be an ongoing series for Finding Mielke, as I thought this would be a good way  to share the multitude of family photo’s I have.

So for this week, I pulled out of my box of pictures, a photo of Ethel Basham.

Ethel Daisy Basham, was born in 1887 at Chigwell, Essex, England, and she was the seventh of eight children born to Charles and Mary Anne Brewer Basham. I have very little information about Aunt Ethel, I know that she had two children, Ted and Florrie, but otherwise have no idea about her life, when she died, or whom she married.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first Friday’s Find! If you have any photo’s you would like to have featured here please email me at findingmielke@yahoo.com.

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(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – Lindsay Family Portrait

My mom came back from Michigan this week and brought me lots of goodies! Including a bunch of new photographs for me to share! So on this Wordless Wednesday (well Not So Wordless), I thought I would share my favorite picture so far!

This is my Great-Grandparent’s Oscar and Edith Margaret Basham Lindsay and my grandfather Oscar Rowan Lindsay. I believe this picture was taken in Canada and by guessing about how old my grandpa was, I’m thinking it was about 1919.

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Charles and Mary Ann Basham Family

 Today has been a day of questions.  We have been discussing the Basham side of my tree a lot in our family this week, so I thought I would post what I know from their census records.

Before we start with those, I’m going to share at little background information on Charles and Mary Ann Brewer Basham. Charles was born 11 Mar 1844 in Haverhill, Essex, England to John and Susan Evans Basham. Mary Ann Brewer was born on 4 July 1852 in Chigwell, Essex, England to James and Rebecca King Brewer. They were married on 10 Oct 1869. The children, at least the ones I’ve found through census records, are as follows:

Eliza Emily born 1870
Henry Charles born 1872
Mary Elizabeth born 1874
Sarah Ellen born 1876
Florence born 1880
Ethel Daisy 1887
Edith Margaret born 1889 died 1987

Sometime after 1901 and before 1911 Mary Ann passed away. By 1911 Charles was living with Sarah Ellen, her husband Joseph Court and their two children. But for this we’ll start with the last record I have of the family being together.


In 1901 they lived at 10 Hainault Road Chigwell and Charles occupation was a Pig Horse keeper on Farm

Name Relationship Age Where Born
Charles Basham Head 61 Suffolk
Mary Ann Wife 50 Chigwell, Essex
Ethel Daughter 13 Chigwell, Essex
Edith Daughter 11 Chigwell, Essex
Catherine Grand Daughter 11 Chigwell, Essex


In 1891, the family was living at 15 Hainault Road Chigwell and Charles and son Henry were working as Agricultural Labourers.

Name Relationship Age Where Born
Charles Basham Head 49 Haverhill, Suffolk
Mary Ann Wife 39 Chigwell, Essex
Henry C Son 19 Chigwell, Essex
Mary E Daughter 15 Chigwell, Essex
Florence Daughter 11 Chigwell, Essex
Ethel Daughter 3 Chigwell, Essex
Edith Daughter 1 Chigwell, Essex
Catherine Grand Daughter 12 mo Epping, Essex


 In this census they were living at 14 Hainualt Road Chigwell.

Name Relationship Age Where Born
Charles Basham Head 40 Haverhill, Suffolk
Mary Ann Wife 29 Chigwell, Essex
Eliza E Daughter 12 Chigwell, Essex
Henry C Son 10 Chigwell, Essex
Mary E Daughter 8 Chigwell, Essex
Sarah E Daughter 3 Chigwell, Essex
Mary E Daughter 5 Chigwell, Essex


In 1871, they living at 14 Hainualt Road Chigwell

Name Relationship Age Where Born
Charles Basham Head 26 Haverhill, Suffolk
Mary Ann Wife 19 Chigwell, Essex
Eliza E Daughter 1 Chigwell, Essex

Maybe this will answer some of the questions about the Basham side of the tree!

I have been in contact with a cousin who is a great-granddaughter of Henry Charles Basham and she has a lot more information, so I’ll be adding to this as that information becomes available.

Happy Searching!

Tombstone Tuesday – Edith M. Lindsay

Sunday, I posted about my Grandmother Edith M. Lindsay (see Sunday’s Obituary: Edith M Lindsay). So today, I would share a little more about her and a few more pictures.

Edith Margret was the youngest of 7 children born to Charles and Mary Anne Brewer Basham in Chigwell, Essex, England.  She married Oscar Lindsay in 1911 in West Ham, London. By May of 1913, they were leaving England for Canada. While in Canada, they had two children, a daughter (18 Nov 1916) and a son, Oscar Rowan (21 Nov 1917). Their daughter (I don’t know her name) died two days after birth and is buried Avondale Cemetery, Section A, Stratford, Ontario, Canada. They lived in Stratford, Ontario,  Canada until 1923 when they immigrated to Detroit, Michigan. In 2 Nov 1926, her husband Oscar passed away. In 1948, when my grandparents, Oscar and Lucille, married, she came to live with them. She lived with them until the mid 1980s when they could no longer care for her at home. She lived to be 97 years old.

She is buried at Grand Lawn Cemetery in  Detroit, Michigan.

Grandma Edith and my mom, Donna (August 1950)

Her first grandchild! She look’s so happy and proud!

Edith and husband, Oscar Lindsay (circa 1919)

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Sunday’s Obituary: Edith M Lindsay

Edith Margret Basham Lindsay
circa 1919

This is my great-grandmother Edith Margret Basham Lindsay.

She was the daughter of Charles Basham and Mary Anne Brewer on 5 December 1889 in Chigwell, Essex, England.

In 1911, she married Oscar Lindsay in West Ham, London, England.

Edith M. Lindsay Obituary
Detroit Free Press 9 Sep 1987

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