100th Anniversary of the Titanic Sinking

RMS Titanic 3.jpg

100 years ago today, the “unsinkable” ship the Titanic sunk. The Titanic sailed from Southampton, England on 10 April 1912 and was heading to New York with 2,223 people abroad. At 11:40 pm on the 14 April, the ship hit an iceberg and by 2:20 am on the 15 April the ship had sank along with 1,517 souls.  Within a few hours of the sinking, the 710 survivors were picked up by the RMS Carpathia.

As I thought of this anniversary, I realized how grateful I am. Had this been a year later (or had they decided to come to North America a year earlier) my great-grandparents may have been aboard this ship,but  instead they sailed from England in May of 1913.

There are many amazing stories out there about both the victims and survivors of this tragedy.  Instead of repeating stories that had already been told, I thought that I would share some of the stories that I have read in the last week.

A few stories that I found interesting on the survivors were:

Faces of the Titanic: Bridget Delia Bradley saved – crippled by fear she tried to climb back aboard the sinking ship

Faces of the Titanic: Nora Keane survived – almost didn’t make it as she wasted time putting on her corset

For the souls that were lost that night I found several interesting articles:

Faces of the Titanic: Mary Burns lost her life while tending to the needs of others on board

Faces of the Titanic: Chief Purser Hugh Walter McElroy lost his life – Irishman was “larger than life”

An interesting site for all things Titanic is Ultimate Titanic

Ancestry.com has a new Titanic Collection. You can find information such as names, ages, occupations of those who bought tickets, death records and coroner’s inquest files for the people who did not survive.