Vintage Thingie Thursday – Cast Iron Horse with Ice Cart

My daddy found this while tearing down an old house. I’m not sure when it was made, but I’ve always thought it was cool. Especially in front of the little cafe that my daddy made for my mom.

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Happy Searching!



Vintage Thingie Thursday – Child’s Rocking Chair

This weeks Vintage Thingie Thursday is in honor of my mom’s rocking chair that she received as a Christmas gift when she was about a year and half old. The first two pictures are of mom and her beloved chair and the last two are what the chair looks like today! 

Christmas 1951

Halloween 1952

60 years later…

a little worse for wear, but still here!

This chair has survived my mom, her two sisters, my brother and me, plus a few more. Hopefully one day my children will get to enjoy it too!

Happy Searching!


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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Betty Crocker’s Hostess Cookbook

On this Vintage Thingie Thursday, I thought I would share from my collection of Betty Crocker Cookbooks.

Today’s is the Hostess Cookbook. It was published in 1967.

First Inside Page. I just love the flowers on this page, classic 1960’s.

Page 4, Letter from Betty:

Page 47, My favorite recipe, Chantilly Cake! I haven’t tried making it yet, but it sure looks yummy!

Back cover:

Leave it to Betty Crocker to come up with the first really practical book for women who want to entertain. You’ll find a handbook of hostessing tips, 39 party menus and more than 400 recipes-for all kinds of dinner parties, brunches and lunches; for teas and receptions; for patio parties and spur-of-the-moment get-togethers; for morning and evening coffee parties; for special holidays. And every recipe has been tested in the Betty Crocker Kitchens and in homes across the country-your assurance of success.

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Vintage Thingies Thursday – Knowles Forsythia China

These are my Grandma’s “extras” from her china set that she began collecting when she got married in 1948.

When we went to Michigan a couple of years ago, she sent these home with me. Someday, (hopefully a very long time from now) I will inherit the rest of her set.

Knowles Forsythia China

 Dinner Plate

Back of Plate Pattern X-2247-E-1


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