Surnames Saturday – Basham

Basham Name Meaning

English: habitational name of uncertain origin. It may be from places in Norfolk and Suffolk called Barsham, from the genitive case of the Old English word Bar meaning ‘wild boar’ + Old English word ham meaning ‘homestead’.

Edith Margret Basham is my great-grandmother. This is her paternal line:
1.  Edith Margret Basham

b. 05 Dec 1889, Chigwell, Essex, England

d. 07 Sep 1987 West Bloomfield, Oakland, Michigan, United States

m.  Oscar Rowan Lindsay;1911 West Ham, Essex, England

*Baby Girl Lindsay b. 18 Nov 1916  Stratford, Perth Ontario, Canada

*Oscar Rowan Lindsay b. 21 Nov 1917 Stratford, Perth Ontario, Canada

2.  Charles Basham

b. 11 Mar 1844, Haverhill, Essex, England

d. UNK

m. Mary Anne Brewer; 10 Oct 1869, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Eliza Emily Basham, 1870, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Henry Charles Basham, 13 Mar 1872, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Mary Elizabeth Basham, 1874, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Sarah Ellen Basham, 1876, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Florence Basham, 1880, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Ethel Daisy Basham, Oct 1887, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Edith Margret Basham (see above)

3.  John Basham

b. 20 May 1810, Maldon, Essex, England

d. UNK

m. Susan Evans; 25 Dec 1883

*Elizabeth Basham

*Robert Basham

*Maryann Eleanor Basham, 1835, Maldon, Essex, England

*Charles Basham (see above)

4.  Thomas Basham

b.  1778

d. UNK

m. Sarah Ong, 7 Apr 1800, Maldon, Essex, England

*Thomas Basham, 1803, England

*William Basham, 1806, England

*John Basham (see above)

*Daniel Basham, 3 Oct 1813. Maldon, Essex, England

*Sarah Basham, 21 Jan 1815, England

*James Basham, 7 Jun 1818, England

*Mary Basham, 21 Apr 1821, England

*Henry Basham, 21 Apr 1821, England

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Surname Saturday – Henry Rowan Lindsay

It’s Surname Saturday!

Today I’m going to discuss my 3rd great-grandfather Henry Rowan Lindsay.

Henry was born in 1838 to Robert and Catherine Lindsay in Richmond, Surrey, England. In 1859, he married my 3rd great-grandmother Rebecca Downes in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, England. In the 1861 Census, Henry and Rebecca were working for Caroline Dunraven (2nd Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl Windham Henry Wyndham-Quin’s widow). Henry was the cook and Rebecca was the house keeper. By this time they had my 2nd great-grandfather Wyndham Rowan who had been born in 1860. When Wyndham was christened on 28 Jul 1861, they were at Dunraven Castle at Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

Dunraven Castle
Dunraven Castle as portrayed in a book by Earl of Dunraven, published in 1926

In 1862 they had a daughter Harriet Downes, 1863 son Oscar Arthur Robert and finally 1864 their last child Florence Mary Caroline.

In the 1871 Census the family was living at 89 Geneva Road in Brixton, St Matthews Parish. For unknown reason the last name listed in this census is Omrie and Henry was a Brewer Traveller.

For the 1881 and 1891 Census, I can not seem to find Henry and Rebecca.

In the 1901 and 1911 Census, Henry and Rebecca were living at 44 Carlisle St, Marylebone, London, England. Henry was a chef in the 1901 census and in the 1911 census he was a Sweeper for Brough Council. In the 1911 Census it shows that of the four children that Henry and Rebecca had only two were living. I know that Oscar A.R. died at the age of 20 in 1883 and that Wyndham lived until 1943. I haven’t found any information about either of the girls born to Henry and Rebecca.

I find it very interesting that two of their children were named after the Wyndham-Quin’s. Also the names Rowan and Oscar are in every generation of our family. My grandfather was Oscar Rowan Lindsay and his father was Oscar Lindsay but more about them in later posts!

I’m hoping to find out more information this side of my family. Maybe some day I can take a genealogical trip to England and Wales, as this is where a lot of my mom’s ancestors originated from.

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