Friday’s Find – Childhood Pictures of Oscar Rowan Lindsay

Welcome to Friday’s Find!

This week I’m going to share some pictures taken of my grandfather, Oscar Rowan Lindsay, as a little boy.  I believe these pictures were taken in the early 1920’s. Below each photo is the note that my great-grandmother, Edith, wrote on the back of each photo.

“this is Rowan taken with his tube”

“this is Rowan, just came out of the water”

“this is Rowan on the front of our car”

Happy Searching!



Friday’s Find – Ethel Basham Photo

Friday’s Find will be an ongoing series for Finding Mielke, as I thought this would be a good way  to share the multitude of family photo’s I have.

So for this week, I pulled out of my box of pictures, a photo of Ethel Basham.

Ethel Daisy Basham, was born in 1887 at Chigwell, Essex, England, and she was the seventh of eight children born to Charles and Mary Anne Brewer Basham. I have very little information about Aunt Ethel, I know that she had two children, Ted and Florrie, but otherwise have no idea about her life, when she died, or whom she married.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first Friday’s Find! If you have any photo’s you would like to have featured here please email me at

Happy Searching!