Tombstone Tuesday – Marian Jane Mielke Verhonick

Marian Jane Mielke Verhonick was born 21 December 1922 to George A. J. Mielke and Elsie Jane Yetman and died on 26 Dec 2006 in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. She is buried at Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit. Marian was married to William “Bill” Verhonick.

I have very found memories of my Auntie Marian. A few of them are: her dog Snoopy; visiting Wyandote with her; and the cookies she made every Christmas.

My Grandfather, Oscar Lindsay, Aunt Marion, and Uncle Bill

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Tombstone Tuesday – Elsie Mielke

My great-grandmother, Elsie Jane Yetman Mielke, was born on 2 January 1887 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada and died on 15 Oct 1973 in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. She was the daughter of William and Jane Penney Yetman. She is buried at Woodmere Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan.

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Tombstone Tuesday – Mildred “Millie” Mielke

Mildred Mielke (1917 – 1941)

This tombstone Tuesday is going to feature my Great-Aunt Mildred “Millie” Mielke. Millie was born the second of seven children born to George and Elsie Jane Yetman Mielke. She was born 8 Dec 1917 in Detroit, Michigan and died on 1 Mar 1941 at the age of 23. She is buried at Woodmere Cemetery, Oakview Section, Detroit, Michigan.

According to cemetery records, she died of Mitral Stenosis. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine “mitral stenosis is a heart valve disorder that involves the mitral valve. This valve separates the upper and lower chambers on the left side of the heart. Stenosis refers to a condition in which the valve does not open fully, restricting blood flow.”

Millie at the Beach Summer 1936

Tombstone Tuesday – Doris Mielke

Doris Mielke (1925 – 1928)

Doris is the daughter of George A. J. and Elsie Jane Yetman Mielke. Doris was born on 22 January 1925 and died on 27 October 1928. She died of Black Diphtheria. She is buried at Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.

My grandmother was 4 years old when her little sister died. She remembers that she was not allowed to see her little sister or her mother (who also had Diphtheria). After her sister died she could only see her sister through a glass window.

From what I have read there is not a difference between Diphtheria and Black Diphtheria. Diphtheria is an infection of the nose and throat. It turns the throat gray or black (which is probably where “Black” Dipihtheria. To learn more about Diphtheria go here.

Tombstone Tuesday – George A J Mielke

George Arthur Johann Mielke (1877 – 1943)

My great-grandfather George Arthur Johann Mielke was born in Big Rapids, Michigan on 20 Feb 1877 and died from Carcinoma on 30 Nov 1943 in Detroit, Michigan. He is the 4th of 9 children born to German immigrants, Johann L “John” Mielke and Augusta Strauss.

He was married twice. He was first married to Margaret Jones (1887-1913) on 21 Oct 1911 in Essex, Ontario, Canada. Margaret and he had two children, Marjorie (b. 1912) and Frances (1913-1913). Frances died 2 months after she was born, from Inanition. Margaret also died shortly after giving birth to Frances from Acute Enteritis.

Secondly, he married my Great-Grandmother Elsie Jane Yetman (1887-1973) on 10 Sep 1915 in Detroit, Michigan. He and Elsie had 7 children, George, Mildred, Dorothy, Marion, Lucille (my grandmother), Doris and Audrey. They were married for 33 years when he passed away.

He is buried in Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.

George Arthur Johann Mielke (1877 – 1943)