A Journey Through My Family Tree


I’ve decided to give myself a new challenge and try to find as much information about each of my ancestors, no matter how distantly related we may be. I’ve been researching my family tree for a long time and this is going to give me a chance to go through each person in my tree and find out all I can.

Obviously this is a huge huge project and it may seem completely pointless, but I love researching, so why not do this in my spare time? And maybe I will find some new cousins along the way.

I am anticipating that this project will take a long time, years even but I decided to add it to my blog, one or two people a week.

I hope you enjoy reading this new project and maybe it’ll inspire you to do some more research on your family tree!

Nov. 6, 2015

Nov. 10, 2015

Bless your ancestors!



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