Treasure Chest Thursday – Vintage WWII Era Post Card


This postcard is from Dinan, France of the Le Viaduc. The picture was taken from before the bombing, but someone illustrated, where the bombing took place.

This is another one of the postcards, I found at the antique shop in my hometown.

Happy Searching!



2 thoughts on “Treasure Chest Thursday – Vintage WWII Era Post Card

  1. This has inspired me to go through my Grandma’s things. I found a shoe box with all of her correspondence with her brother (Freddie Tees) who was killed in the south of France in 1944. They are heartbreaking but I need to get them catalogued and organized. Thank you, for sharing this journey. When I get a chance I will get some pics of Grandma and Grandpa’s headstones for you as well as maybe getting to Grandlwan for some more pics. Unfortunately the family cemetaries are in the worst parts of Detroit 😦

    1. Oh wow Sara, that is an amazing find! I agree with you about the family cemeteries. The last time I was up there, Grandma Luey, took me to the cemeteries and to the house that they grew up in. It was pretty scary!

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