Treasured Memories and a Birthday

My first photo, taken 31 years ago, today!

As a little child, I loved getting mail. It was so exciting for something to arrive in our mailbox in my name, and lucky for me, I had a grandma and aunt that never forgot to send me a postcard on their trips and every year for my birthday, I always got some really cool cards.

I thought about this today, as I’m heading out the door to celebrate my birthday. First stop is the post office, where I’m sure there is several birthday cards in the mail for me. I still treasure these cards and they all go in a box with all the other cards I received in the past. Someday, I’ll have to think of a cool project to do with them, so my kids will know the people who sent me these cards, but in the mean time they’ll just have to stay tucked away.

Well, I hope everyone has a great day! My mom and I are going out for lunch and to do a little shopping!

The card above was given to my mom and dad at the hospital after I was born.

Happy Searching!



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