Treasure Chest Thursday – “London Under Fire” 1940s Postcard

Taken from London Fire Journal: The bombings of 1940 culminated in the most celebrated and notorious of all raids, that of Sunday 29 December. The warning was sounded after 6pm, and then the incendiaries came down like “heavy rain”. The attack was concentrated on the City. The area from Aldersgate to Cannon Street, all of Cheapside and Moorgate, was in flames. One observer on the roof of the Bank of England recalled that “the whole of London seemed alight! We were hemmed in by a wall of flame in every direction.” Nineteen churches, 16 of them built by Christopher Wren after the first Great Fire, were destroyed; of the 34 guild halls, only three escaped; the whole of Paternoster Row went up in flames, destroying five million books; the Guildhall was badly damaged; St Paul’s was ringed with fire, but escaped. “No one who saw will ever forget”, wrote William Kent, “their emotions on the night when London was burning and the dome seemed to ride the sea of fire.”

I found this postcard will looking around an antique store in Cullman, Alabama. The owner of the store said that she had bought it at an estate auction. I have another postcard plus a picture of soldiers taken during WWII, that I will post next week!

Happy Searching!



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