Surnames Saturday – Basham

Basham Name Meaning

English: habitational name of uncertain origin. It may be from places in Norfolk and Suffolk called Barsham, from the genitive case of the Old English word Bar meaning ‘wild boar’ + Old English word ham meaning ‘homestead’.

Edith Margret Basham is my great-grandmother. This is her paternal line:
1.  Edith Margret Basham

b. 05 Dec 1889, Chigwell, Essex, England

d. 07 Sep 1987 West Bloomfield, Oakland, Michigan, United States

m.  Oscar Rowan Lindsay;1911 West Ham, Essex, England

*Baby Girl Lindsay b. 18 Nov 1916  Stratford, Perth Ontario, Canada

*Oscar Rowan Lindsay b. 21 Nov 1917 Stratford, Perth Ontario, Canada

2.  Charles Basham

b. 11 Mar 1844, Haverhill, Essex, England

d. UNK

m. Mary Anne Brewer; 10 Oct 1869, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Eliza Emily Basham, 1870, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Henry Charles Basham, 13 Mar 1872, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Mary Elizabeth Basham, 1874, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Sarah Ellen Basham, 1876, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Florence Basham, 1880, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Ethel Daisy Basham, Oct 1887, Chigwell, Essex, England

*Edith Margret Basham (see above)

3.  John Basham

b. 20 May 1810, Maldon, Essex, England

d. UNK

m. Susan Evans; 25 Dec 1883

*Elizabeth Basham

*Robert Basham

*Maryann Eleanor Basham, 1835, Maldon, Essex, England

*Charles Basham (see above)

4.  Thomas Basham

b.  1778

d. UNK

m. Sarah Ong, 7 Apr 1800, Maldon, Essex, England

*Thomas Basham, 1803, England

*William Basham, 1806, England

*John Basham (see above)

*Daniel Basham, 3 Oct 1813. Maldon, Essex, England

*Sarah Basham, 21 Jan 1815, England

*James Basham, 7 Jun 1818, England

*Mary Basham, 21 Apr 1821, England

*Henry Basham, 21 Apr 1821, England

Surname Saturday – create a post in which you discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research. Surname Saturday is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers.

Happy Searching!



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