Sentimental Sunday – A Day At The Lake

My Grandmother, Lucille Mielke Lindsay, her sisters and several of their friends used to going swimming in Lake St. Clair. This is what she told me about that time when we came across these photos:

Meg (Marion Mielke Verhonick), Dot (Dorothy Mielke Robb Stock), Nick’s sister, Bernice Matthew’s and I used to go to Dothory Stansberry’s house. She lived on the East-side (of Detroit), near the end of the bus line, on Jean Street. We would walk from her house to the 7 Sister’s Smoke Sacks off of Jeff Avenue to go swimming in Lake St. Clair. There was huge sand piles  and a small canal where we swam.

Marion and Dorothy were Lucille’s sisters, Nick’s sister would be Dorothy’s sister-in-law is Iola Isabella “Robbie” Robb and Bernice Matthew’s was the next door neighbor. I’m not sure who is who (other than my grandma) is in these photo’s.

Aunt Dorothy, Aunt Marion, ?, and Grandma Luey

Grandma Luey was the second one on the right.

All these photo’s were taken in August 1944. If you can identify in the other ladies please let me know.

Happy Searching!


© Finding Mielke, 2012


4 thoughts on “Sentimental Sunday – A Day At The Lake

  1. Great photos! Your Aunt Dorothy’s swimsuit was pretty hot for 1944, what a babe!. I think the street your grand mother referred to is Old St. Jean. Actually, they were swimming in the Detroit River (sorry to alter the story). The stacks are located between Lycaste and Canal Street on the river. The place where they used to swim could very well be what is now the Edison Boat Club (next door) on Lycaste or the land on which the Morgan Estates are located (bet Lycaste and Old St. Jean). There were and still are canals along the south side of Jefferson Ave. from about Waterworks Park (Marquette St.) all the way east to Alter Road. The Detroit River/Lake St. Clair boarderline begins at the eastern tip of Peach Island which is about a half mile east from my house (I live on the river east of Conner Ave.).

    1. Thanks for helping me locate where these photo’s might have been taken. I think she said Lake St Clair, to give me an general idea of where they were at. I was 7, when we moved from Michigan, so I really don’t know where at lot of these places are! I try to Google the locations, before I put up the story, just so I can locate them on a map. Her family lived on Clifton Street, which was a good bit away from where the smoke stacks are, so just for them to go there would have a long ways to get there. Her sister Dorothy and husband Nick lived on Lillibridge Street on the east-side.

      I love my Aunt Dot’s bathing suit, it was amazing! When I first saw these pictures (about 20 years ago), I asked my Grandma who the hot ladies were, it didn’t register to me at first that it was her and her sisters. That was when I first got interested in family photos and the history behind them.


      1. They were only about a mile shy of the lake and back then I’m sure it looked like like a lake setting. It’s sad that much of the waterfront on this end of the river is blocked off by developments, marinas and industrial enterprises.

        It must have been nice to be able to have direct acces to a local secluded waterfront area for swimming and relaxation. It looks as if these bathing beauties had a wonderful time that day at their cozy swimming spot!

      2. It’s amazing how much things have changed in the nearly 70 years since these photos were taken. We drove by the house that my grandmother grew up in (Clifton Street) and it’s just a boarded up shell of what once was a beautiful house. The house that my Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Nick lived in (which was his parents home) is now a vacant lot.

        I love how happy they look in these photos. By the time these where taken, they had lost two sisters and their dad and their brother and Dorothy’s husband were both away in the military.

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