Sentimental Sunday – Oscar’s determination to stay in America

My Grandma Luey has began to write stories of both her memories and what she was told by my Grandpa Oscar and my Great-Grandmother Edith Basham Lindsay. This is the story, in her words, of how my Grandpa was determined to stay in America.

My great-grandparents, Oscar and Edith Lindsay, immigrated first to Canada, and then to America in 1923. My grandfather Oscar Rowan Lindsay was 5 years old when they came to America. Three years after coming to America, my great-grandfather Oscar, died of pneumonia, in 1926. Shortly after, Edith decided to return to England. While making the journey, Oscar Rowan, contacted mumps, and had to be quarantine while on the ship. After arriving , Oscar’s mother asked him if he would like to stay in England. His answer was “no, mom, I like America,” and they came back. Oscar took out his Citizenship papers and became a citizen.

I love this story, because without my Grandfather’s determination to come back to America, he would have never met my grandmother, and I wouldn’t be here. I’m, also, so very grateful that my Great-Grandmother would listen to what a 10 year-old wanted.

Happy Searching!


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