My Great-Great-Grandparents in the 1940 census! added new indexes today!  Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, Colorado and Vermont are all searchable, along with New York, Nevada, District of Columbia, Delaware and Maine that have been searchable for a while now. I am very excited about Tennessee, since that is where most of my ancestors on my daddy’s side of the family come from. My Mansfield, Call, Brasfield, etc. lines all come from around Crockett County. Here is my first find for today!

This is the census records for my great-great-grandparents, Joe Allan and Maud May “Maudie” Griggs Mansfield. Joe was born on 18 Dec 1880 in Crockett County, Tennessee to James and Mary Ann Brasfield Mansfield. Maudie was born on 22 Jan 1884 in Crockett County to William Riley and Margaret “Maggie” Johnson Griggs. On 26 Dec 1899,Joe and Maudie married in Crockett County. Joe died in 1948 and Maud lived to be 95 years old, passing in 1979.

They had 8 children:

  • Annie Lou (Hatch) 1901-1984
  • Marvin Mansfield 1904-1979
  •  William Lesley 1905-1985 (my great-grandfather)
  • James 1909-?
  • Ola Mai 1912-1994
  • Mary 1913-?
  • Mosie 1920-?
  • Rebecca 1923-2007

By the time the 1940 census came along, Rebecca and Ola Mai were the only two daughters still living at home. Ola Mai was divorced and had come back to her parents home with a daughter Evelyn Rodgers (her father was Homer Rodgers). She would go on to marry in 1942 to Osca Hensley.

Rebecca would go on to marry Robert Peace (1916-1947) and have two children with him. I’ll share the story of how Robert, along with Annie Lou’s son, died later.

Happy Searching!


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