Vintage Thingies Thursday – Knowles Forsythia China

These are my Grandma’s “extras” from her china set that she began collecting when she got married in 1948.

When we went to Michigan a couple of years ago, she sent these home with me. Someday, (hopefully a very long time from now) I will inherit the rest of her set.

Knowles Forsythia China

 Dinner Plate

Back of Plate Pattern X-2247-E-1


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7 thoughts on “Vintage Thingies Thursday – Knowles Forsythia China

  1. I have a set of these from our Grandmother. we dont know how she go them or from where. any idea where she would have bought them? I have a lot of the set except for the butter dish and lid

    1. Curious to see if anyone has the butter dish, did they even make one. I have almost every piece from my grandmothers set, I can not find a butter dish.

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