1940 Census My First Find!!

Well the census has been out for a day and if any of you tried to get on yesterday, you probably noticed it was a little (okay a lot) backed up. I gave up yesterday on the 1940 census and today without any problems and just 12 pages of searching, I found my great-grandparents, George and Elsie Mielke,  my grandmother Lucille, and 3 great-aunts, Mildred, Marion and Audrey. This will probably be the easiest of my searches on the 1940s census, because the family lived in the same house for many years. Click here to go to the Michigan Ed 84-1185.

George was 62 years old, owned his own home at 6355 Clifton Street, it was worth $4000 and he was unemployed. Elsie was 49, born in Newfoundland and was a Naturalized Citizen.

Mildred “Millie” was 22 and was the only person in the family working.  According to question 21 “If not, was he at work or associated to public emergency work (WPA, NYA, CCC, etc) during the week of March 24-30?” Millie answered yes to this question. She was working as a Research Clerk for Youth Vocational Services. In 1939, she worked 40 weeks of the year. Marion was 17, Lucille, was 16 and Audrey was 13.

This will be the last census that George and Mildred will be in. George died in 1943 and Millie died in 1941.

I’ve included photo’s of everyone I have mentioned today! I did not have a photo taken of Audrey during this time period, so I used a photo from the late 1940s.

 Happy Searching!

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