Martha Mielke Ebelt

As a continuation of my Amanuensis Monday post about the family of John and Augusta Mielke,  today’s person in Martha Elesa Johanna Mielke. Martha was born on 27 Dec 1882 in Big Rapids, Michigan. Below is her birth record I found on

Birth Record for Martha Elesa Johanna Mielke

In the 1900 censusMartha was working as a servant for William and Roxy Cowden.

Martha's 1900 census record

On 3 May 1905 Martha married William Ebel(t) Jr., the son of William and Caroline Blanck Ebel(t), in Big Rapids, Michigan. The witnesses were Martha’s brother Conrad and by William’s sister Caroline Ebelt and they were married by E. G. Franck. William’s last name was actually Ebelt, not Ebel.  Their marriage record can be found here.

Martha Mielke and William Ebelt marriage record

They had a son, Edwin G. Ebelt, born on the 26 May 1906 and according to Michigan Death RecordsWilliam died 25 Aug 1906 in Green Township, Mecosta, Michigan.

She then married his brother Frederick John “Fred” Ebelt on 7 Sep 1908 in Big Rapids by A L Bray and the witnesses were Seth Blossom and Fred’s sister Caroline. Fred was born on 12 February 1884 in Mecosta Township, Mecosta, Michigan.

Martha Mielke and Fred Ebelt marriage record

In 1909 they had a daughter Josephine. In the 1910 census, Fred, Martha, Edwin and Josephine were living in Mecosta, Michigan. Also living with them were Fred’s father William(61) and younger brother Albert (18).   The census record for this is very faded so I did not include a picture of it.

By the time the 1920 census rolled around, Fred owned his own dairy farm on Mocka’s Mill, Mecosta, Mecosta, Michigan. He and Martha had children Edwin and Josephine living with them.

Fred and Martha's 1920 census record

Fred died on 16 May 1928 and is buried at Highland View Cemetery in Big Rapids, Michigan. According to his Find a Grave Record he died in Barryton, Mecosta, Michigan.

In the 1930 census, Martha and Josephine were renting from her brother Conrad. She was working as a laundress.

Martha's 1930 census Record

On 23 Feb 1974, Martha died in Big Rapids, Michigan. She is buried at Highland View Cemetery. Click here to see the record.

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4 thoughts on “Martha Mielke Ebelt

  1. Being from Michigan originally, I can often picture in my mind the places your family has lived. I caught myself a minute ago looking at my hand, trying to figure out the locations you mentioned. 😉

    1. Thank you for the comment! We moved away from Michigan when I was 7, but I still do the same thing. When we first moved here, people would ask where I was from and I would hold up my hand and point to where Detroit is.

      1. LOL! Because I’m from Flint, and most people knew more about Detroit, I would point to Detroit first, and then to Flint. I lived in Flint for most of my life; I’ve been in California now for almost thirteen years. I still miss snow at Christmas, and I can’t wait for the rain to quit out here!

  2. I hate how hot it gets down here, we really don’t have seasons here, it’s either summer or winter. It’s already 85 degrees here and has been that way since the beginning of March. I only miss the snow at Christmas. I miss spring and seeing all of trees blossoming and of course the leaves changing in the fall. By the time the leaves should change here, their usually so dried out that we don’t get the pretty colors.
    We go back to visit as often as we can, actually going back in June, so I should have some good pictures to put on here of all the places I’m talking about. I’m going to go to the library and see if they have any pictures of how Big Rapids and Mecosta would have looked when my great-great-grandparents lived there.

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