Tombstone Tuesday – Doris Mielke

Doris Mielke (1925 – 1928)

Doris is the daughter of George A. J. and Elsie Jane Yetman Mielke. Doris was born on 22 January 1925 and died on 27 October 1928. She died of Black Diphtheria. She is buried at Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.

My grandmother was 4 years old when her little sister died. She remembers that she was not allowed to see her little sister or her mother (who also had Diphtheria). After her sister died she could only see her sister through a glass window.

From what I have read there is not a difference between Diphtheria and Black Diphtheria. Diphtheria is an infection of the nose and throat. It turns the throat gray or black (which is probably where “Black” Dipihtheria. To learn more about Diphtheria go here.


3 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday – Doris Mielke

  1. I graduated with Paul Thomas Mielke in June1969 from Crawfordsville, IN 47933. His dad was Sr and taught at Wabash College, an all men’s college there. His mother was Mary Lou Mielke( don’t know her maiden name). Paul jr( PT he was called) has two sisters Mardie and I think Nancy. Both parents are gone and Paul and family live in California. Mary Lou worked in Reference Dept in the library where I work. Do you think there is a family connection for your family? Mary Lou and Paul lived out east before moving to Crawfordsville to settle. Our library website go to local history to get obits on database maybe images, too as Paul Sr did photography on the side as well as Dept Head of Mathematics at Wabash.

    1. Hi Charlene. Paul and I might be related, but it would be way back in our lines. As odd as it sounds, Mielke is a common name. Thanks for the information though it always nice to hear about other Mielke’s!


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